• On completion of the application, each child will be assessed for class placement. This evaluation will help provide accurate information regarding your child’s development. Placement of students will be based on the student's previous records, age and admissions assessment administered by our school. Students that do not have the required level of English to succeed within the regular program, may be assigned to an ESL (English as a Second Language) program. Al-Noor Bilingual School accepts enrollment of students according to age as outlined by the Kuwait Ministry of Education.

          Registration forms for new students may be collected from the school reception or registrar’s office during school hours.

          SCHOOL FEES

          Please contact the school to find details of the fees schedule.


          Registration for new students commences in the beginning of February each year. Students entering the Pre-Kindergarten program must be 3 years of age by December 21 of that same academic year, 4 years for KG1 and 5 years for KG2 and so on. Consequently, the children's ages may vary slightly in any given grade. Students may be older than the minimum ages cited herein; however, they may not be younger. Students who do not attain the minimum age for entrance may apply for admission the following year, or for a lower grade level. 

          Additionally, students need to demonstrate the potential to contribute positively to our academic and social environment while they are enrolled in the school and a conduct form should be completed and submitted by the previous school for students entering Elementary grades.