• Mission & Vision

        • Mission



          Al-Noor Bilingual School is committed to provide

          the best holistic bilingual education,

          delivering modern teaching and learning practices,

          within a caring and safe Islamic environment.



          This quality educational foundation is preparation for lifelong learning and Higher Education. Our aim is for our students to graduate as Muslim professionals and committed citizens who are creative, confident, ethical and responsible ambassadors of their cultural and Islamic heritage, within local and international communities.






          The vision of the school is to provide:


          An Islamic Environment for Learning - The School is committed to providing a safe, spiritual, moral and caring Islamic atmosphere in which learning takes place. It is expected that all staff will be excellent Muslim role models and incorporate Islamic values into the curriculum and daily life in a holistic manner.


          A holistic approach to education, supporting the personal, social and physical development of each student spiritually, morally, and culturally through the ‘Al-Noor Values Program’, the academic education program and extra-curricula activities.  


             Modern Teaching & Learning Practices that will:

          • Develop the skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, information technology in all core subjects and through integrated learning
          • Support and enable educators to collaborate, share best practices and integrate 21st Century skills into classroom practice
          • Enable students to learn in relevant, real world modern contexts (e.g., through project-based or other applied work),
          • Allow equitable access to quality learning tools, technologies and resources
          • Support expanded community and international involvement in learning, both face-to-face and online


          An excellent Higher Education preparatory program that promotes academic and linguistic proficiency in Arabic and English, using the Kuwait’s MoE standards, USA Common Core State Standards and School established standards based upon its curriculum.


          Develop successful collaboration between the school and its families that supports teaching and learning. The school will communicate closely with parents as partners in their child’s education.






          Al-Noor Bilingual School was established with the following objectives:

          • To establish a happy, safe Islamic environment for learning, where every student is valued.
          • To develop in students a desire for academic and moral excellence enabling them to lead a rewarding and productive life.
          • To provide  students with a stimulating, quality bilingual education using the latest technologies and methods
          • To produce students with a sense of Islamic identity and to provide opportunities for students to learn the essentials of Islam, Islamic principles and to learn the art of reading the Noble Qur’an.
          • To develop confidence and responsibility in students who have the ability to make informed and rational decisions and to express themselves with clarity, skill and confidence.
          • To attract, develop, and retain competent and qualified faculty that have the character and commitment to contribute positively to the students’ learning and development






          Al-Noor Bilingual School management, staff, parents and students are the strength of the school and are committed to the following values:

          • Providing a quality bilingual education to enable students to graduate and be successful in Kuwait or internationally
          • Striving for excellence
          • Fostering an Islamic atmosphere in the school based on the Sunnah.
          • Facilitating communication and participation with parents to take an active and supportive role in the education of their child.
          • Assisting students in developing Islamic values to guide them in decision making, handling conflict, in their dealings within the family, and in society.
          • Fulfilling commitments and acting with integrity.